Capacity range of single pump: 0.19 – 60 l/h, 10 – 1.5 bar
Operate cylinders with a motor pump to generate even more performance. By switching later from low to high pressure at 19 MPa (170 bar), they reach higher working speeds than typical motor pumps in lower load ranges.

High-pressure flow rate stays constant up to maximum pressure Equipped with the special TRUCHEN radial piston pump with patented suction valves for maximum efficiency. Compact design and low weight for easy transport.

Description of models:
PO 10 4E for one single-acting cylinder:-Drain valve for precise speed control when lifting or lowering. Load is being held when drain valve is closed and motor is turned off.
sPO 10 6E for two single-acting cylinders:-Precise speed control of both cylinders when lifting or lowering by throttling the control valve. Seperate closing of both oil flows possible. Holding of loads with motor running or turned-off when control valves are closed.
PO 10 2D for one single-acting or double-acting cylinder:-Lifting and lowering of loads by switchover valve. Holding of loads with switchover valve in centre position. Retraction of a double-acting cylinder is only permitted while the motor is running.