Our highly motivated and qualified staff and experts in the production of specialised cylinders,power units and generators which meet existing requirements in all sectors. We use state of the art machinery to manufacture cylinders for mobile and stationary hydraulics as well as many special applications to customer specifications.


Apex Mechanical Tools and its family of companies, will provide proficient, professional and competitive engineering and manufacturing services to all our clients. Our services will foster a culture that places priority on safety and innovation. We will provide quality places of employment for all our employees and provide strong stewardship to the communities in which we work.

Exceptional attention for effective solutions
The experience gained through meeting the demands of our customers is reflected in every product and is an integral part of our services, development and production. Our team is comprised of over 100 employees, who ensure that we find the most effective solution for your needs.

Meeting the needs of the industry
We are a company established because of the demands of the mining,engineering and telecom sectors. There is a high demand placed on hydraulic systems that have developed over time, we thus have developed and adapted our profile and products to new developments. We specialize in the following equipment: power units,generators,hydraulic pumps,cylinders,solar geysers,neutralisting pumps & motor pumps for all cylinders,power neutralisers and solar panels.